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Recently, Beijing Conquer Optics and Beijing University of Technology signed an agreement to establish a joint research and training graduate school base. The establishment of the base is to rely on the academic advantages of optoelectronics of Beijing University of Technology,so the company can closely follow the forefront of optoelectronics technology, and increase the training of R & D personnel, broadening the company's foreign exchange efforts and improving product innovation.The base is conducive to both sides in scientific research cooperation, technological transformation, personnel training and other aspects of all-round cooperation, to achieve production and learning, mutual win-win situation.

According to the agreement, Beijing Conquer Optics will recommend and select senior with technical titles or doctoral degree as postgraduate part-time instructor, providing some postgraduates with necessary practice sites, equipment and the environment, providing students with innovative training topics, drawing up norms and management practices, identifying of graduate internship situation, providing students with necessary living allowance according to the situation. Beijing University of Technology will provide technical training or engineering education services for the company, and regularly organizing scientific research personnel to solve the technical problems of enterprises.