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Our research and development department recently developed a highly integrated product - high stability electro-optical modulator, has been put on the market in bulk, and won a lot of praise.

High stability electro-optical modulator is a highly integrated product ,integrating electro-optical intensity module、offset point automatic control panel, microwave amplifier and its driving circuit, switching power supply and etc, with low insertion loss, high operating bandwidth, low half-wave voltage, stable output signal, not affected by the external environment and so on.What’s more, the high stability electro-optical modulator can work stably at QUAN +/-, NULL and PEAK point for a long time, so it can be widely used in high-speed optical fiber transmission equipment, microwave photonic link, phased array and other fields.

The product shell uses desktop standard 1U chassis, not only can be used in factories, laboratories, research institutes and other applications , but also through customization to meet the needs of other different areas. Welcome to consult!