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In hot summer, in order to improve staff living standards, rich staff cultural life, the company organized a summer trip ,Hangzhou in August.

The first place is Wuzhen, a typical historical town in Jiangnan area, called “Land of plenty and silk house”.As you arrived you will understand why Wuzhen is called the last pillow people, because the whole town is built on the water, like pillow on the water.

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal crossing from the Wuzhen West Gate, Which reminded me of the article "water Venice" in my primary school,here is it the "water Venice" of China?  After the enjoy of quiet and comfort ,we went to the Xitang, which is famous for a lot of bridges,galleries, nong. Of course ,it is live up to its name.

Songcheng is the largest culture theme park, which adhering to the "building for the shape, culture for the soul" concept. Culture is the soul of Song City. Here we appreciate the ride sedan chair, sugar painting, throwing hydrangea and other projects, witnessed the ancient people's lives.

Ching Ming River map shows Bianjing suburbs in the Ching Ming Festival social life of all sectors of the scene vividly.The "give me a day, give you thousands of years" show let us enjoy the beauty, the love, the story of Hangzhou. It is too unique to express our feeling with words.